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About The Skate Studio

What we offer and where you can find us..


The Skate Studio provides classes for all ages and skill levels  From beginner, to intermediate to advanced.  We pride ourselves on providing classes that are welcoming, engaging, inclusive and fun!​Here is what you can expect when you attend one of our classes:

BEGINNER: Our beginner classes are for those who have never skated, or are in the early stages of their skating journey. During these classes you will learn:


  • Correct skating posture

  • Forward skating

  • Basic one foot skating

  • Introduction into beginner jumps and spins

  • Transition of weight during skating

  • How to stop 

INTERMEDIATE: Our intermediate classes build on from our beginner classes.  These classes are for those that have moved up through the beginner classes or who already have some past skating experience. During these classes you will learn:

  • Basic backward skating, including  scissors/bubbles.

  • Introduction into forward and backward crosspulls.

  • One foot skating - spirals.

  • Two foot jump with half rotation

  • Two and one foot spins

  • Transitions from forwards to backwards

  • Intro into footwork including 3 turns.


Our private classes as for skaters who have moved through the intermediate classes or come to The Skate Studio with significant experience. ​Private lessons are generally catered to skaters who would like to get involved in the Artistic discipline, with the aim to compete should the skater desire.​During these classes you will learn:

  • Advanced skills

  • Exposure to the different Artistic Skating disciplines

  • Putting together a routine for competitive skating.

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